Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Practice: relative clauses

Complete the sentences using relative clauses. Use who and which.
  1. A Scot is a person (live in Scotland) 
  2. Nessie is a monster (live in Loch Ness) 
  3. A fridge is a thing (keep food cool) 
  4. A DJ is someone (play music in a disco) 
  5. A bee is an insect (make honey) 
  6. A lemon is a fruit (be yellow and sour) 
  7. A watch is a thing (tell the time) 
  8. A ferry is a ship (carry people across the water) 
  9. A shop assistant is someone (work in a shop) 
  10. A key is a thing (can open and lock doors) 

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